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Whilst looking for TCM lift trucks in and around Crawley you may be interested to know that a manufacturing company was fined £30,000 when a young employee was pinned against a wall and killed instantly. In this case a forklift truck was unloading a lorry in a narrow road when an oncoming vehicle forced it to reverse quickly to get out of its way. The forklift truck driver did not see the other employee who was leaving the building behind him and he reversed straight into him.

If you are looking into TCM lift trucks in and around Crawley TCM gas and diesel forklifts have an Eco mode that not only reduces fuel consumption but also cuts noise levels significantly, making for a safer, stress-free environment.

When searching for TCM lift trucks in and around Crawley you might like to note that untrained operators pose such a significant safety risk in the workplace that employers are legally obliged to train staff in their safe operation. Lift Truck Safety Awareness Courses also give managers and supervisors an understanding of basic lift truck handling principles, risks and safety guidelines in order that they can ensure safe practice.

If you are investigating TCM lift trucks in and around Crawley remember that electric forklifts are much quieter and have virtually no emissions with the exception of some hydrogen emission during charging. They also are generally expected to have fewer breakdowns than internal combustion engines.

If you are trying to find TCM lift trucks in and around Crawley it may help you to be aware that TCM FB series 3 wheel electric forklifts are manufactured in a range of lifting capacities from 1250kg up to 2000kg

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